Is Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Appropriate?

Family dispute resolution or FDR is a legal process aimed at assisting families in resolving conflicts and reaching an agreement without going to court. Usually, anyone planning to engage in the family dispute resolution process must first choose an FDR practitioner, attend an intake session and thereafter, attend a joint family dispute resolution or mediation session.

Designed to facilitate communication and negotiation between separating or divorcing couples, family dispute resolution and mediation aims to help parties mutually reach agreement regarding child custody, parenting arrangements and the division of assets and liabilities. FDR attempts to minimise conflict and maximise cooperation.

In this blog, we will cover the circumstances where FDR or mediation may assist.

Child Custody and Parenting Arrangements

When parents or separating couples cannot agree on custody and parenting agreements for their children, family dispute resolution is an important first step towards reaching a resolution. By providing a structured process to discuss the interests of the children involved, FDR can lead parents to navigate challenges that come their way in reaching a mutual agreement as to their children’s care and living arrangements, including education, religious upbringing, or medical decisions.

Key features of family dispute resolution include, neutral facilitation, a child-focused approach and informed decision-making. FDR assists parents in finding common ground and in making decisions that prioritise the well-being of their children.

Financial Matters

Mediation can also assist parties in reaching an agreement to finalise their financial relationship together.

The presence of a neutral mediator fosters a collaborative environment where parties can express their concerns, understand each other’s perspectives, and work towards mutually acceptable arrangements. Mediation considers the parties’ specific circumstances, considering factors such as income, needs, and obligations. This approach encourages equitable outcomes and ensures that financial resolutions are tailored to the family’s unique situation.

Through mediation, families can constructively address financial conflicts, promoting understanding, cooperation, and the well-being of all parties involved.

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