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In a job where we are dealing with situations that are frequently stressful, we are happy to be able to offer genuine help and ease the burden at a difficult time. Our Gold Coast office is open from Monday to Friday and we offer a 15-minute telephone free consultation for advice.

Here are some of our much-appreciated Client testimonials.

“Joshua, I would like to thank you and your firm over the past year for representing me. Your professionalism and support made this process possible and especially guiding me through it all and your expertise in advice. I wish you and your team every success.”

B.L – Gold Coast

“Sonya, it is a pleasure to pay your bills. You are one of the most competent solicitors I have ever met. Thank you for being everything we need in a good family lawyer. You have taken a great load off my shoulders.”


“For most people who experience relationship breakdown/divorce, it is a one-off experience and, safe to say, a life-changing process. My journey through the process of separation was one greeted by shock, surprise, angst, turmoil and frustration.

​For me, there were two islands of support: my family and Sonya of Advance Family Law. Whilst our relationship is by definition a commercial one, it is fair to say it was critical in providing me with the confidence that everything that could be done, was, in a professional and sensitive manner, and one of a fair outcome.

​My lawyer found a good fit for me, being very diligent in approach to process detail and keeping me on task is to be highly commended, which also involved laughing at the appropriate times at my poor humour!

So in summary, thank you to the team at Advance Family Law, and in particular to Sonya, for guiding me through a very traumatic time and giving me direction and more fundamentally, hope, that not only would my interests be protected but that the outcome achieved would be fair, reasonable and equitable, which it was.”


“Friendly solicitors, very professional, patient and friendly.”


“Sonya, just a small note to say a BIG thank you for your all your advice, knowledge and assistance helping with regards to [our grandson]. [We are] extremely happy a successful resolution was achieved. [We] really thought [we were] not going to achieve what was agreed to. Hence, following your discussion on how to proceed with the Family Court and after hearing what the process involved and what the costs may total was very disheartened.

Please pass our thanks and gratitude onto Shar and Claudia as they were always very informative, helpful and polite when we reached out to them for help.

Thank you so much again.”

D.M – Toowoomba, QLD

“The idea of seeking legal action in regards to orders involving my children was always a scary concept. Joshua and the team at Advance Family Law made this process easy and ensured it happened smoothly. I can’t praise them enough. It has given my family a great quality of life without worry. Wish I’d seen them sooner.”

T.B – Mt Martha, VIC

“Joshua Peters of Advance Family Law and his associated team deliver their service above what any person may think a Lawyer would provide. They take a full understanding and provide information on all necessary outcomes on any given situation. The advice given is highly professional and the final decision of which way you would like to proceed is only made by yourself.

The decisions you make of whatever path you choose is always dealt with respectfully with support and understanding your needs and not the needs of the company. My personal situation that I found I was forcefully placed in was dealt with very professionally by Joshua Peters and his team with the final result being exactly what I requested and was fair on all parties involved.

With all the preparations required for my family law case, Joshua Peters and his team ensured that I was only making the right decisions to protect myself which is why I chose Advance Family Law. Their assistance and guidance in what was needed for the outcome was always correct and re-assuring, as all events throughout the meetings with the Lawyer, correspondence between the two parties, court appearances and follow-ups were always done with a very clear and concise direction and ensured the outcome was what you wanted it to be.

I am very proud to have chosen this firm to represent me as I believe that Advance Family Law are very loyal to their clients and only do what needs to be done to settle your own dispute without trying to gain financial expenditures that would be unnecessary for the client. The clients’ needs are what this firm solely focus on and can be trusted with complete certainty that your needs will be dealt with accordingly with respect and professionalism in your favour. I would highly recommend this firm if you find yourself in any family situation that has been made complex. I have nothing but praise for all of the staff and Lawyers within this firm.

Even when I was given a bad response from acquaintances that I had engaged a Lawyer to deal with my case due to the financial costs that would be involved, I would not have had the outcome that financially helped me for my life and future.

These acquaintances are also happy with my outcome and will be recommending Advance Family Law to any other persons that may need assistance. I cannot thank them enough for helping me get control back of my life and assuring me all the way that it will work out for the best.”

A.N – Greenbank, QLD

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