Pet Agreements

Pet agreements in relation to family law

Whilst there are no actual “Pet Agreements”, increasingly, our Clients are wishing to formalise their agreements as to who will retain the family pet who is responsible for the vet bills and other associated matters.  Another common issue is the person who is unable to keep the pet may wish to be able to spend time with the pet. 

This occurs when there is a long relationship with the pet who has formed a bond with both parties.  Whether the time is for companionship or because of a hobby or sporting interest, arrangements can be made for both of you to spend precious time with your pet.

Depending upon the terms of the agreement, such provisions may be included in a Consent Order or Binding Financial Agreement, where the property settlement entitlements of the parties have been formalised.

Many people regard their pets as part of the family, and as with a child, custodial battles can ensue over them if a couple decides to separate. Along with who gets to keep a pet, other considerations such as food expenses, and vet bills, may need to be addressed.

When children are involved in a separation, getting to keep a beloved pet can be very beneficial to their emotional wellbeing.

As with all areas surrounding a relationship breakdown, whether it’s settling property, child support issues, or pet agreements, agreeing to a fair and equitable outcome with the least legal intervention is always best.

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