Grandparent Rights

Know your grandparent rights

In difficult times, having a grandparent available can be of great comfort to children caught up in a separation or divorce. That is why knowing your rights is important.

One of the considerations for the Court to take into account in making Orders for the care and living arrangements for children is the importance to maintain a relationship not only with each parent, but other family members, including grandparents.

Should you be a grandparent and any of the following issues apply to you, we are able to assist:

  • Concerns regarding the safety of your grandchildren in the care of their parents

If your adult child has mental health or drug issues, or their partner, we are not here to point fingers and blame. Our role is to provide advice on the evidence required to ensure your grandchild is safe and cared for.

  • Not being permitted to spend time with your grandchildren

You and your adult child may share different views on subjects, but differences in opinions should not deprive a child from significant family members. A child has rights and it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure these rights are met.

  • Should you wish to support your child in their care of your grandchildren
Grandparent Rights Gold Coast

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