Is it time to seek legal advice?

In family law matters it is important to obtain correct advice at the earliest possible opportunity as not doing so will only cause to prolong matters, creating greater emotional and financial stress for all parties involved, most importantly, the children, if there are any. Is it really time to seek legal advice? let’s know further.

Whilst if you are contemplating separation, we are able to provide advice to you, in these circumstances we almost always recommend that you first attend counselling in an effort to restore a relationship.

In the early stages of separation, it is easy to become bamboozled by legal jargon and so called “legal advice” from friends who have also gone through separation. We always caution Clients against taking the so called “legal advice” of family and friends in such matters as each matter is different and legislation changes over time. We are not saying that family and friends are not very important as you proceed through the family law process, as they are important, but in a different role. Family and friends are extremely important in a support role and not a legal advice role and this is the reason why parties seek legal advice from experts in the field.

At Advance Family Law we are settlement focused and always strive to reach an amicable settlement, particularly when children are concerned, considering that both parents have to maintain an ongoing relationship and effectively co-parent during the children’s adolescent years.

We provide straight forward realistic advice which also takes into account the ongoing costs, both financially and emotionally upon you as a party to the matter.

We will not “sugar coat” our advice and in some cases, the advice may not be what you want to hear, however, our rationale is that it is much better to receive realistic advice initially rather than you investing yourself wholeheartedly in a matter, expending yourself financially and emotionally, and later discovering that the advice you received was unrealistic.

It is our experience that where both parties to any matter receive realistic advice initially, the prospects of an early settlement is more likely.

At Advance Family Law we can assist by providing advice specific to your circumstances during our reduced rate one hour initial consultation. Our fee for such consultation is $220.00, inclusive of GST. During this appointment, in addition to the advice we provide to you, we will also formulate a Case Plan, detailing next steps, so as you are aware how you may further progress your matter.

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