What Does Child Support Cover?

It is important to understand child support and the options available to you, so that the best child support arrangement is put in place for you and your children.

Both parents have a legal responsibility to support their child or children. Child support ensures children are financially supported after their parents are legally separated in Australia. This introduces the question, “What does child support cover?”

To answer the question, it depends on your circumstances. Child Support may either be as agreed between parents pursuant to a private arrangement, pursuant to a formal child support agreement or pursuant to an assessment of the Child Support Agency.

Whilst child support can be a complicated matter, the experts at Advance Family Law are here to help clients understand their rights, entitlements and obligations. Through knowledge and educated advice, you can understand child support. Learn more about it by reading this article.

What Is Child Support and What Does It Cover?

The financial obligation in question is child support. It is designed to ensure that children receive enough financial support from their separated parents. Child support may cover expenses for children’s basic needs, medical costs, and other costs related to other essential activities.

Child Support Options for Parents

1. Child Support Assessment

When the Child Support Agency manages the child support process, they undertake an assessment of the amount of child support payable by one parent to the other. This assessment is based upon the income of both parents and the number of nights that the children are in each parent’s care.
If one party considers an assessment outcome as unfair, there are options to lodge an objection with the Child Support Agency, however, there are strict timeframes in which to do so.

2. Self-Managed Child Support

Instead of having a child support assessment undertaken, parents have the option to self-manage their child support arrangements. It means that the parties have to arrange and decide who will pay, how much to pay, how frequent the payment will be and how the payments will be utilized.

Parties may choose to not formalise such arrangements and instead have an informal private arrangement. If they do choose to formalise such arrangement, they can do so with a Child Support Agreement.

Calculating Child Support Payments

If entering into a private arrangement, parents may choose to make payment of school fees, medical expenses, extra-curricular activities or other child-related expenses. This is in contrast to the assessment of the Child Support Agency, which provides for payment of a set amount each month to the primary carer, for their payment of child related expenses.

Secure Your Child’s Future by Partnering with a Trusted Legal Professional

The process surrounding child support in Australia is complicated for an individual without knowledge of the law. The next time you ask yourself, “What does child support cover?” do not think twice about reaching out to Advance Family Law. Our family lawyers know how to help you with your legal concerns. Call us on 07 5679 8016 or email info@advancefamilylaw.com.au.

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