19 - 11 - 2018
J.M – NSW | Family Law Gold Coast | Advance Family Law

For most people who experience relationship breakdown / divorce, it is a one off experience and safe to say a life changing process. My journey through the process of separation was one greeted by shock, surprise, angst, turmoil and frustration.

​For me there were 2 islands of support, being my family and Sonya of Advance Family Law. Whilst our relationship is by definition a commercial one, it is fair to say it was critical in providing me with the confidence that everything that can be done, and was, in a professional and sensitive manner, and one of a fair outcome.

​My lawyer found a good fit for me, being very diligent in approach to process, detail and keeping me on task is to be highly commended, which also involved laughing at the appropriate times at my poor humour!

So in summary, thank you to the team at Advance Family Law, and in particular to Sonya, for guiding me through a very traumatic time and giving me direction and more fundamentally, hope, that not only would my interests be protected but that the outcome achieved would be fair, reasonable and equitable, which it was.