Victims of domestic violence – Are they entitled to leave from work?

Recent changes have been made to the Industrial Relations Act 2016 in Queensland which allow for victims of domestic or family violence to access leave from their employment to assist them in dealing with the circumstances surrounding such treatment, including, but not limited to:

  1. Finding alternative housing;
  2. Seeking legal advice regarding their situation;
  3. Seeking medical treatment;
  4. Recovering from an injury caused by such violence.

Such leave may be paid or unpaid and depends upon the manner in which an employee is employed. For instance, full-time employees who are not employed on a casual basis, may be entitled to up to 10 days paid leave.

Notice should be provided to an employer, if possible, before the period of leave commences, however, obviously there will be situations where this is not possible. It is important to note that employers may request evidence of the domestic or family violence occurring, which may take the form of a Protection Order Application, Doctor’s Report or the like.

Should you be a victim of domestic and/or family violence and have any queries regarding your employment entitlements, you should contact the Australian Government Fair Work Ombudsman: 
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